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First Ecopack Sustainability Report

16 April 2018, Sofia

Designed and edited by DeConi, the report presents the achievements of the company in 2017. The recycled 96,209 t of packaging waste collected throughout the year saved from felling 594,406 trees, saved 1,453,095 l of water, 311,166,237 kWh of electric power, 148,669 barrels of petrol, and 384,922 m3 of the landfill volume in Bulgaria.

It also highlights Ecopack’s achievements in motivating and provoking active commitment and responsible attitude to environmental protection and the saving of natural resources among its core target groups – consumers, especially young people and children, partners in the value chain and local government authorities.

Fantastico and Ecopack Together for Nature

9 February 2018, Sofia

In March Fantastico and Ecopack launched the Together for Nature campaign. It is centered around a video, to be broadcast by the end of 2018 in the in-store video channel of all more than 40 Fantastico stores. The campaign reinforces the understanding that the protection of the environment is our own, not somebody else’s, responsibility.

The video follows the path of the packaging from the store to our home and explores the three options we have to get rid of it. The first one is to throw it somewhere and thus “feed” nature and endanger wild life, the second – to dispose of it in the general waste bins so it decomposes in the landfill for centuries, and the third one – recycle it, thus bring it back to life while keeping the environment clean.