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One Year Together for the Benefit of Society and Nature

18 December 2017, Sofia

Together for the Benefit of Society and Nature is a three-year project implemented in cooperation with members of Ecopack Bulgaria – leaders in the area of fast-moving consumer goods, modern retail, and some of the largest plants in Bulgaria. Thanks to the combined communication resources of dozens of companies, the messages in support of a greener way of life, protection of the environment, and separate collection of packaging waste are reaching large and diverse target groups in all parts of the country.

For society, the tangible effect of this far-reaching joint endeavor is a higher proportion of separately collected and recycled packaging waste, for the participating companies – it reinforces their image of responsible “corporate citizens” with firm commitments to the environment, and for Ecopack – an even more effective realization of the company mission to recover with utmost care for society and nature.

In 2017, 31 of the members of Ecopack were involved in the campaign.