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Make Me Recycle

3 October 2016, Sofia

 In this article published in Manager, the most influential business magazine in Bulgaria, Emil Georgiev of DeConi analyzes the different approaches used by marketers for motivating households to separately collect their waste.

The household-generated waste is crucial for the circular economy stream of resources and this is why it is so important everything recyclable to be channeled to the color containers and back to the production lines instead of to the ever growing landfills.

Four major groups of approaches are reviewed – socio-cultural, economic, technical and administrative. Internationally recognized campaigns of DeConi and other European and Canadian agencies are given as examples.

The success of any campaign aiming at sustainable attitudinal and behavioral change depends entirely on the good understanding of what might motivate the target groups and the right choice of priorities when approaching them.

Make Me Recycle, Manager magazine, Sofia, September 2016