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The Spring 2016 Tour of Eco Labyrinth

17 May 2016, Varna

Eco Labyrinth is an innovative public awareness tool which, in an entertaining and memorable way, educates and motivates children and adults alike to collect used beverage cartons and their waste in general separately for recycling for the benefit of society and nature.

This Spring campaign was held in six more Bulgarian cities: Vidin, Haskovo, Pleven, Silistra, Shumen and Varna. It got across to hundreds of thousands the message that instead of piling up in landfills and contaminating the soil, the water and the air for hundreds of years and posing a real threat to wildlife, the materials the waste packaging is made of could be well utilized in the economy.

A special exhibition and a site presenting endangered animal and plant species underlined the responsibility of every one of us for protecting them and preserving the environment for the future generations.