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3D Ecobus as Viable Sustainable Innovation and Public Participation Tool

18 November 2016, Sofia

The 3D Ecobus created by DeConi for Ecopack Bulgaria was presented as a practical example of sustainable innovation with substantial transformative potential through public engagement at a conference hosted by the the Committee of the Regions of the EU in Brussels on 16-17 November, 2016.

The conference Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation brought together a broad range of experts, stakeholders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, regional authorities and EU Commission officials. It focused on the best sustainable innovation and public engagement practices as tools for effectively promoting sustainable development and change across Europe.

Make Me Recycle

3 October 2016, Sofia

 In this article published in Manager, the most influential business magazine in Bulgaria, Emil Georgiev of DeConi analyzes the different approaches used by marketers for motivating households to separately collect their waste.

The household-generated waste is crucial for the circular economy stream of resources and this is why it is so important everything recyclable to be channeled to the color containers and back to the production lines instead of to the ever growing landfills.

Four major groups of approaches are reviewed – socio-cultural, economic, technical and administrative. Internationally recognized campaigns of DeConi and other European and Canadian agencies are given as examples.

The success of any campaign aiming at sustainable attitudinal and behavioral change depends entirely on the good understanding of what might motivate the target groups and the right choice of priorities when approaching them.

Make Me Recycle, Manager magazine, Sofia, September 2016


Trash and the City

29 September 2016, Sofia

The Trash and the City installation was developed by DeConi especially for the Seventh Green Forum of Manager magazine, Green Cities of Bulgaria: ideas, people and businesses leading to them.

The installation presents major landmarks in the history of recycling from the first known landfill, discovered on Knossos, the island of Crete,  and dated 3 000 BC until the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package of 2015. A build in video installation plays short films about the major steps in the process of turning plastic, paper and glass waste packaging into new products.

It’s Worth It! Do Not Throw away Your Money, Collect Your Waste Separately!

12 September 2016, Sofia

The It’s Worth It! campaign aims at increasing the quantity and the quality of the separately collected waste by the households in Sofia. It targets young and active consumers of packaged goods and uses Sofia metropolitan and Facebook as communication channels. The strategy is built around a rational line of motivation – the benefits of recycling for every one of us. Saving natural resources and energy is not just good for the environment but, it also has real and tangible impact on the economy and the everyday life of every family. Moreover we all pay for building and maintaining the separate waste collection systems through the price of every single packaged product we purchase.

Ecopack Press №8: The Ecopack Public Awareness Campaigns – a Long-term Commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility

20 June 2016, Sofia

The eighth issue of Ecopack Press, the biannual info bulletin of Ecopack Bulgaria, the leading Bulgarian separate waste collection and recovery organization, covers topics like the public awareness campaigns of Ecopack – effectiveness through innovation, long-term perspective, and collaboration, the winners of the Greenest Municipality 2015 competition, the fifth Balkan conference of EXPRA member recovery organizations in Thessaloniki, Greece, the Sofia Municipality Cleanliness and Waste Management Ordinance. It also offers interviews with Mr. Ivan Totev, Mayor of Plovdiv, Mr. Nikolay Zaychev, Mayor of Peshtera and Mr. Orlin Tasev, Manager of EcoInvest EOOD.

ECOPACK Press is designed, edited and published by DeConi in both Bulgarian and English.

Ecopack Press June 2016 Bulgarian

Ecopack Press June 2016 English

DeConi – Greenest Agency in Bulgaria since 2012

9 June 2016, Sofia

DeConi was first distinguished as the greenest company in the Media, Communications, and PR category of the b2b Media competition for Greenest Company in Bulgaria for the year 2012

“Being responsible in our everyday life is the least that we at DeConi can do for the environment. It is the high profile public awareness campaigns that we develop and implement together with our clients that are most satisfactory to me, for they reach millions of people and especially kids. This is great because they are real investment in the green future of Bulgaria and the planet.” said Mila Aleksieva, Senior Account Manager at DeConi, when receiving the award.

Two Green Communications Awards for DeConi at PR Priz 2016

20 May 2016, Sofia

DeConi received two out of three awards in the Green Communication and Urban Environment category at the annual PR Priz competition of the Bulgarian PR Association. The First Prize went to Eco Labyrinth and the Second Prize – to Become Ecohero: Teach Everyone at Home to Collect Waste Separately!

Eco Labyrinth is an innovative public awareness tool which, in an entertaining and memorable way, educates and motivates children and adults alike to collect used beverage cartons separately for recycling for the benefit of society and nature. The campaign was held in eight Bulgarian cities.

The Become Ecohero: Teach Everyone at Home to Collect Waste Separately! campaign turns school children into changemakers and ambassadors of separate waste collection and the green idea in their families and communities. In 2015 alone 17 128 families with schoolchildren from 162 schools in 13 cities (30% of all schoolchildren) became ecoheroes.

A record number of entries presenting campaigns of top world-class quality, as witnessed by the public communications experts in the jury, participated in this, tenth PR Priz edition.


The Spring 2016 Tour of Eco Labyrinth

17 May 2016, Varna

Eco Labyrinth is an innovative public awareness tool which, in an entertaining and memorable way, educates and motivates children and adults alike to collect used beverage cartons and their waste in general separately for recycling for the benefit of society and nature.

This Spring campaign was held in six more Bulgarian cities: Vidin, Haskovo, Pleven, Silistra, Shumen and Varna. It got across to hundreds of thousands the message that instead of piling up in landfills and contaminating the soil, the water and the air for hundreds of years and posing a real threat to wildlife, the materials the waste packaging is made of could be well utilized in the economy.

A special exhibition and a site presenting endangered animal and plant species underlined the responsibility of every one of us for protecting them and preserving the environment for the future generations.

DeConi Creates an Unforgettable St. Valentine’s Day in the The Mall

16 February 2016, Sofia

In this unique for Bulgaria promo the live augmented reality* experience in The Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in Bulgaria, was immediately uploaded as video on Facebook for viewing, commenting and sharing. For five days passersby could watch themselves “in the company” of noble medieval knights, flirting fireman and policeman, a fortuneteller or a street musician. The 40-second “interaction” with them was recorded and posted on the Facebook page of The Mall. The result – 50 000 views of the videos and thousands of happy shoppers.

The awesome decoration provided by DeConi – a giant rotating diamond in a gift box and a huge glowing heart, together with the Win a Diamond buy-and-win promo, made this St. Valentine’s at The Mall unforgettable.

* Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. (Wikipedia)

DeConi with innovation management assessment by IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy

11 January 2016, Sofia

In the end of 2015 DeConi undertook procedure for evaluation of the innovation potential of the agency. It was carried out by IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy through Enterprise Europe Network represented by ARC Fund . It was based on the Academy’s international standard compliant assessment tools and the world´s largest benchmarking database on innovation management, through which companies can compare their innovation management capabilities and performances against the average scores of thousands of other companies, their direct or indirect competitors.

This evaluation assesses five dimensions: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organisation and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Processes, Enabling Factors and Innovation Results and employs tools like A.T. Kearney “House of Innovation”.

The overall score of DeConi’s innovation management performance is 59%, compared to 53% of the Growth Champions and the 50% of the average of its benchmarking class.

The evaluation covered a three-year period. Its focus were four specific innovative marketing instruments developed by the agency for its clients and implemented in impactful public awareness campaigns in Bulgaria and abroad – 3D Ecobus, Green Challenge, Become Ecohero and Ecolabyrinth as well as the overall performance of the agency.