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Eco Labyrinth Promotes Environmental Responsibility in Eight Bulgarian Cities

5 October 2015, Dupnitsa

Greed and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources have led humankind deep into a labyrinth of numerous critical environmental problems. It is only through knowledge and perseverance that an exit could be found. Eco Labyrinth, a unique innovative educational tool, places kids in the shoes of humankind – in a labyrinth full of environmental choices. Some of them are wrong and lead you to a dead end, others are correct and take you out of the labyrinth.

To enter the labyrinth each kid should provide an “entrance fee” – one used beverage carton (UBC). Then the journey begins: What reusable materials can be found in UBC; How many trees do we save by recycling one ton of cardboard; How many years does it take for plastic to decompose in nature, etc. Step by step, the right answers lead to the exit and the well-deserved rewards.

Eco Labyrinth is created and operated by DeConi for Tetra Pack, the world’s largest producer of beverage cartons, and Ecopack Bulgaria, the country’s leading packaging recovery organization.

Watch the video here: