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Old Paper for New Book 2015

5 September 2015, Plovdiv

This year the Old Paper for New Book campaign started in Plovdiv, with Ruse and Sofia joining next weekend.

The mechanism of the campaign is pretty simple – any child who brings at least 5 kg of old paper receives a new book provided by the partnering publishing houses. The accompanying theater performance, workshop, quizzes and games turn the event into a memorable experience for the kids. The objective of the initiative is to promote separate waste collection and recycling and build responsible attitude towards nature among children and their families, as well as to stimulate their interest in books and reading

In Plovdiv alone more than 1,000 books were given away and 4,2 tons of paper collected, which amounts to 55 saved trees.

Greenwich book center and Ecopack Bulgaria organize the event with the creative support of DeConi for a third year in row.