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DeConi with Video Commercial for Chipolino

25 June 2015, Sofia

“Nobody can tell how your child’s own fairy tale will unfold, but you can make sure it starts in the best possible way” is the tagline in the the first pre-roll video commercial for Chipolino baby products, created by DeConi. For just three weeks it was viewed in YouTube more than 70 000 times.

Watch the video here:

Positive Energy Day of ProCredit Bank

9 June 2015, Sofia

The Positive Energy Day of ProCredit Bank promotes green activities in our everyday life. It is the little things that we do, like shopping with reusable instead of plastic bags, recycling glass, plastic and paper packaging or turning it into useful things or objects of art, etc., that can create real change in terms of nature conservation. This is exactly what participants in the event, children and their parents, demonstrated in the workshops during the event.

It was organized by DeConi at two locations in Sofia and besides the green workshops, participants enjoyed a theater performance by employees of the bank and a spectacular 20-minute firework show.

Watch the video here: