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Tenth National Innovation Forum

16 December 2014, Sofia

In his presentation at the Tenth National Innovation Forum Mr. Emil Georgiev, executive director of DeConi, Innovative Enterprise in 2013, outlined three key elements in the process of creating and implementing an innovative product. First he puts the building of a broad coalition of partners from the public, NGO, and private sector, which would enable the aggregation of the individual expertise of each participant as well as the diversification of the risk and the increased investors’ interest. Secondly, Mr. Georgiev stressed the importance of a good market analysis and the smart choice of market approach. Finally, he emphasized on the pursuit of not only economic goals, but also pressing social problems solutions. All three, especially a genuine Creating Shared Value platform, have direct impact on the competitiveness of the company and its market performance.

Kids are Like Flowers – They Need Constant Care

15 December 2014, Sofia

The first ever face-to-face fundraising campaign in Bulgaria, named Kids are Like Flowers – They Need Constant Care, developed by DeConi, was launched on 15 December. The objective of the campaign is to attract regular monthly contributions from donors for SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria. It will run until 31 January 2015 in shopping malls, retail chains, office centers and banks and will be supported with on-site teams who will provide online access to the platform which enables the donation.

This creative concept puts the stress on the fact that in order to grow a healthy, educated and confident child, constant care is needed – just like growing a flower. This is the reason why regular, not one-off, donations are needed for supporting the highly professional care SOS Children’s Villages provide through their foster families, youth houses and family strengthening programs.

The goodwill ambassadors of SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria include the actresses Silvia Lulcheva and Maria Petrova, and the football player and coach Krassimir Balakov. These ambassadors kicked off the campaign and subscribed the first donors.

You can also become an SOS Friend by clicking here:

Creating Shared Value: Economic Success and Social Impact

12 December 2014, Boston, MA

The leadership program Creating Shared Value: Economic Success and Social Impact was held at Harvard Business School on 10-12 December.

Since the publication of Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s article “Creating Shared Value” in Harvard Business Review in January of 2011, there has been a growing global movement to incorporate this concept into corporate strategy. Shared Value makes societal impacts integral to a company’s strategy, and offers major new opportunities in every business to improve growth, profitability and competitive advantage.

The concept of Shared Value represents a new body of thinking about the role of business in society that goes beyond philanthropy and social responsibility to define a new understanding of how to achieve economic success.

DeConi incorporates this approach in its own business strategy and in the strategic marketing solutions the agency provides its clients with. The Face-to-face fundraising program and the 3D Edubus ( are good examples of that.

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