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Creating Shared Value in the Center of the Discussions of the Innovation Business Club

8 October 2014, Sofia

The creating shared value concept was in the center of the discussions of the Innovation Business Club “Social and Green Innovation Cross-Sector Collaboration and Clustering” meeting, organized by the Applied Research and Communications Fund, with Markus Hipp, Executive Director, BMW Foundation as special guest and distinguished representatives of the Bulgarian innovative business and investment community, the government and the civil society in the panel.

“Among the private, the public and the third sector it is the business alone that creates wealth. The state and the non-profits are part of the distribution process. Thus it is the business that is the sole most important driver of change. It should with one hand bang on the door of the institutions and demand reforms and stretch the other hand helping NGOs in their indispensable role for social transformation and quality of life improvement.” concluded Emil Georgiev, Executive Director of DeConi, who moderated the discussions.