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The Big Collection – Plovdiv

28 September 2014, Plovdiv

Growing landfills is a major problem modern cities face. Although recycling is one of the obvious solutions, still a big portion of our waste goes to landfills – 73%, according to Eurostat 2012 data. For example, in Germany and Switzerland this percentage is… 0.

Raising awareness of this problem, with focus on the 100% recyclability of the empty used beverage cartons (UBC) and their separate collection is the major objective of the campaign “The Big Collection”, supported by ECOPACK Bulgaria, Tetra Pak and the municipalities of Plovdiv, Burgas and Sofia. Schools in those cities have to collect empty UBC to win prizes.

 giant model of the Colosseum in Rome was built with all collected UBCs at a special event in Plovdiv. Kids took part in a workshop, a quiz and competitions, employing recyclable materials.