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DeConi ProBono is Open for Applications for a Second Time This Year

29 September 2014, Sofia

DeConi ProBono is a program for offering free marketing and PR services to non-governmental organizations.

NGOs are instrumental for building civil society and working democracy and socially-sensitive sustainable market economy. Most of the NGOs however do not have access to high quality marketing and PR services which does not allow them to effectively communicate with their target audiences and stakeholders. This prevents them from obtaining the highest possible results from their efforts. With our “skills-based” volunteerism we help non-profits to concentrate on what they do best, to fully realize their potential and to be better promoters of social change.

The program is open for applications twice a year. The submission deadline now is 15 January 2015.

DeConi ProBono

The Big Collection – Plovdiv

28 September 2014, Plovdiv

Growing landfills is a major problem modern cities face. Although recycling is one of the obvious solutions, still a big portion of our waste goes to landfills – 73%, according to Eurostat 2012 data. For example, in Germany and Switzerland this percentage is… 0.

Raising awareness of this problem, with focus on the 100% recyclability of the empty used beverage cartons (UBC) and their separate collection is the major objective of the campaign “The Big Collection”, supported by ECOPACK Bulgaria, Tetra Pak and the municipalities of Plovdiv, Burgas and Sofia. Schools in those cities have to collect empty UBC to win prizes.

 giant model of the Colosseum in Rome was built with all collected UBCs at a special event in Plovdiv. Kids took part in a workshop, a quiz and competitions, employing recyclable materials.

The First “Ecoschool” in Bulgaria

15 September 2014, Sofia

The first “Ecoschool” in Bulgaria is a fact now. It is a joint project of ECOPACK Bulgaria and Teach for Bulgaria. Special educational materials have been developed for 1 to 12 graders. Throughout the year school kids will discuss different aspect of human impact on nature. Special attention will be paid to recycling and separate waste collection and its benefits for the society and environment.

The pilot project is carried out in 132 SOU Vanya Voinova in Sofia. The first school day celebration was attended by officials from the Ministry of Education and municipality. Special guest was the Minister of Youth and Sports.

The eco corner created by DeConi will provide basic information on nature protection related issues and will further motivate kids to take part in the green initiatives throughout the school year.

The 2014/15 School Year Tour of the 3D Ecobus Has Started

15 September 2014, Sofia

The 2014/15 school year tour of the 3D Ecobus has started with schools in Sofia.

DeConi created the 3D Ecobus for Ecopack Bulgaria in 2011 and since then runs it on a daily bases. The unique on a worldwide scale innovative mobile information and education center is often referred to as ‘the flying classroom’ and that is exactly what it is – a classroom on wheels. Only one that seems to have arrived from the future – with 42” 3D mobile displays, Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Audience Response System (ARS), which turn the 40-minute learning session into an unforgettable experience and the children – into devoted ambassadors of the green idea and separate waste collection.

More than 100 000 children from 500 schools and kindergartens in 80 municipalities have joined the battle for keeping precious natural resources from piling up at the landfills. More than 5000 employees of companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Globul, Caven Orbico, Carlsberg as well as municipal servants, have also gone through the recycling and sustainable development training program.