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The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria for 2013

26 June 2014, Sofia

For a fourth year b2b magazine awarded the greenest Bulgarian companies. BNK, the winner in the Construction and Real Estate category, received its award from a representative of DeConi, “the greenest agency” since 2012.

ECOPACK Bulgaria received “The Green Oscar” in The Recycling and Waste Management category for its overall contribution to protection of nature and sustainable development and especially for its substantial long-term investment in environmental education and public awareness.


Immigration Information Center Established with DeConi’s Participation

12 June 2014, Stambolovo, Haskovo District

An information center to assist the integration of third country citizens into Bulgarian society and improve their access to state institutions and social, educational, health and business services was established in the framework of a project carried out by Stambolovo Municipality, Haskovo region.

DeConi was responsible for the communication part of the project – organize press conferences and media coverage, design and produce all information materials and giveaways and create info center website.

“Combine the Useful with the Pleasant“, Interview with Emil Georgiev of DeConi

4 June 2014, Sofia

In the interview to b2b magazine Mr. Georgiev elaborates on the agency’s involvement with the green idea and with creating shared value and sustainability issues in general, which brought DeConi the “Green Oscar” in the Media, Communications and PR category in the 2013 b2b magazine competition.новини/емил-георгиев