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How an Educational Project Turned into Business

15 January 2014, Sofia

In an interview for Capital weekly Emil Georgiev tells more about the 3D me project of DeConi.

3D me (3D Mobile Education) started as an innovative educational project in the field of environmental protection and separate waste collection with the 3D Ecobus and turned into a sustainable collaborative model for effective change. In fact this is a

  • formal technological innovation – a bus with state of the art 3D video and audio equipment and Audience Response System, accompanied by a
  • workplace innovation –a team with redefined position functionalities and responsibilities, with newly acquired technical and communication skills and specific knowledge on the educational subject, which became a
  • major social innovation – for 3 years through training of 80 000 school kids and 5 000 employees and extensive presence in the local and national media, a substantial cognitive, attitudinal and behavioral change in the field of sustainable development and separate waste collection among hundreds of thousands of households has been achieved.

For its unique approach – providing high quality education on any subject to any particular audience anywhere, the 3D me project is currently being developed in other educational fields, like healthy food and living, basic finance, earthquake safety rules, etc.