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London Calling – Unique Experience at the Mall

3 September 2013, Sofia

Generating traffic and turning shopping into a memorable experience is a strategic goal in the marketing strategy of The Mall. The London Calling Campaign does exactly this – turns the biggest retail center in Bulgaria into probably the most popular city in the world – London, giving the visitors the opportunity to indulge in the atmosphere of this great city. All the details of this ambitious large-scale project were carefully planned for months, while the actual “metamorphosis” took place in 12 hours. The lavish decoration – the 3D models of landmarks such as the Big Ben, the Wembley Arena, the Greenwich Meridian steel sculpture, replicas of the K6 telephone box, museums including biographies of 80 musicians, actors, athletes and celebrities, born in London, as well as the promo activities and attractions like Abbey road photo corner, a classroom associated with British Council, typical Underground signs and “Mind the gap” stickers, table football tournament held at our own “Wembley Stadium”, a mystery solving game called “Sherlock’s Home, a Royal Queen’s Guard welcoming visitors at the entrance, and many more attractions made shoppers come back for more and more of the “London experience”.