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DeConi and 3D Ecobus at the EUWIN launch

10 April 2013, Brussels

In line with its commitment to quickly act for workplace innovation, the Commission with the support of the European Parliament launched EUWIN – the EU Workplace Innovation Network – on 10 April 2013, in Brussels at the European Parliament. EUWIN concentrates on the promotion, resourcing and upscaling the concept and use of the workplace innovation in the whole of Europe. The launch event brought together some 100 business managers and policy makers to discuss the best ways to organise EUWIN and further make the case for advanced workplaces in Europe. The first panel showcased the influence of workplace innovation on the overall performance of companies and discuss the support for this type of innovations. The unique 3D Ecobus, created for Ecopack by DeConi, was presented at the panel by Emil Georgiev, Executive Director of the agency, as an example of a successful combination of workplace and technological innovation, beneficial for all stakeholders.