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DeConi Won the Prestigious Green Innovation Award

5 December 2013, Sofia

The prestigious Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2013national contest awarded DeConi in the Green Innovation category for its 3D Ecobus project. This is yet another acknowledgement of the 3D Mobile Education program of the agency and its potential as a technological, workplace and social innovation and its tangible contribution to the sustainable development education in Bulgarian primary school.

Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev bestowed Emil Georgiev, CEO of DeConi during the official ceremony at the Ninth National Innovation Forum.

Audio Response System Quiz at Nestle Bulgaria

15 November 2013

The Become an Ecohero quiz based on the Audio Response System was part of the training attended by 650 employees of Nestle Bulgaria during the traditional initiative Health and Environment Week. The quiz was commissioned by Ecopack Bulgaria and was developed by DeConi. The agency has extensive experience in employing Audience Response System, a unique instrument for creating interactivity between the presenter and the audience, in innovative commercial, entertainment and educational projects.

The innovative 3D Ecobus with Award at the ISWA Awards

6 October 2013, Vienna

This year the judging panel of the prestigious International Solid Waste Association Communication Award had an excellent selection of waste management communication campaigns to assess. The nominations were made among 48 candidates from 27 different countries from 4 continents. The 3D Ecobus made the second place, once more proving the sustainability of the strategic approach of the project in promoting cognitive, attitudinal and behavioral change and creating stable separate waste collection habits among school kids.

London Calling – Unique Experience at the Mall

3 September 2013, Sofia

Generating traffic and turning shopping into a memorable experience is a strategic goal in the marketing strategy of The Mall. The London Calling Campaign does exactly this – turns the biggest retail center in Bulgaria into probably the most popular city in the world – London, giving the visitors the opportunity to indulge in the atmosphere of this great city. All the details of this ambitious large-scale project were carefully planned for months, while the actual “metamorphosis” took place in 12 hours. The lavish decoration – the 3D models of landmarks such as the Big Ben, the Wembley Arena, the Greenwich Meridian steel sculpture, replicas of the K6 telephone box, museums including biographies of 80 musicians, actors, athletes and celebrities, born in London, as well as the promo activities and attractions like Abbey road photo corner, a classroom associated with British Council, typical Underground signs and “Mind the gap” stickers, table football tournament held at our own “Wembley Stadium”, a mystery solving game called “Sherlock’s Home, a Royal Queen’s Guard welcoming visitors at the entrance, and many more attractions made shoppers come back for more and more of the “London experience”.

And the greenest agency in Bulgaria is? DeConi!

27 June 2013, Sofia

And the greenest agency in Bulgaria is? DeConi! The international jury of the b2b Media competition for a third year awarded the greenest companies in Bulgaria. The “Green Oscar” in the Media, Communications and PR category for the agency could not be possible without the high-profile corporate social responsibility campaigns, which we create and implement together with our clients, Ecopack first of all. We are grateful to all our clients and partners for the shared understanding that it is our mission as individuals as well as companies to promote nature preservation and sustainable development.

Green Communications and Urban Environment Award for 3D Ecobus

3 June 2013, Sofia

The international jury of the prestigious PR Priz Awards gave first prize in the highly competitive Green Communications and Urban Environment category to 3D Ecobus. The innovative educational and public awareness project has been developed and implemented by the agency for its client Ecopack Bulgaria. The award reinforced the leading position of DeConi as an expert in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Five Minutes for Your Car – More Trees for the Neighborhood

2 April 2013, Plovdiv

The green initiative of the 5 Minutes self-service carwash chain offered customers added value to their services – making the neighborhood cleaner and greener. For each 100 vehicles washed, the company promises to plant one tree.

The campaign reinforces the image of the 5 Minutes as a socially responsible company. It starts in Plovdiv and runs in six other major Bulgarian cities as well.

A Bright Award for DeConi

16 April 2013, Sofia

For a second time the international jury of the prestigious Bright Awards competition of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies recognized the excellency in the creative strategic planning and execution of large-scale high profile public awareness campaigns of DeConi, by awarding the agency the second place in the Sustainable Development category.

DeConi and 3D Ecobus at the EUWIN launch

10 April 2013, Brussels

In line with its commitment to quickly act for workplace innovation, the Commission with the support of the European Parliament launched EUWIN – the EU Workplace Innovation Network – on 10 April 2013, in Brussels at the European Parliament. EUWIN concentrates on the promotion, resourcing and upscaling the concept and use of the workplace innovation in the whole of Europe. The launch event brought together some 100 business managers and policy makers to discuss the best ways to organise EUWIN and further make the case for advanced workplaces in Europe. The first panel showcased the influence of workplace innovation on the overall performance of companies and discuss the support for this type of innovations. The unique 3D Ecobus, created for Ecopack by DeConi, was presented at the panel by Emil Georgiev, Executive Director of the agency, as an example of a successful combination of workplace and technological innovation, beneficial for all stakeholders.

Theraflu Igloo Downtown Sofia

22 February 2013

Provoking consumers’ curiosity through the use of innovative promo techniques is a sure way to increase brand awareness and boost sales. To promote Theraflu on a highly competitive market for cold and flu medicines in the winter, DeConi created the Therflu Igloo-Hot Stop concept – giving away branded cups of hot tea in a unique branded inflatable igloo, placed in key spots downtown Sofia. The results – more than 10 000 contacts with potential customers, extensive media coverage and increased Theraflu s.