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Unique Interactive Educational Center

26 September 2018, Sofia

DeConi created for Ecopack the first in Central and Eastern Europe interactive recycling educational center.

The center is designed for children over the age of 14. The 300 square meter area is divided into three separate zones. The screening room shows topical movies about preserving the environment and separate packaging waste collection. Here, visitors learn about the history of the organized waste collection system from antiquity to the present day.

The second zone is divided into 4 separate sections for the four types of separately collected waste – plastic, paper, glass and aluminum. Here, one can observe the processes of recycling and recovery of waste as well as its subsequent transformation into new products or art. Inspiring information regarding the benefits of recycling is also available.

The third zone is the Green Wish forest, where each visitor can leave his or her green wishes or messages for the generations to come.

“This center is a model for environmental policy orientation regardless of whether it involves families, municipalities, states or alliances. If today we manage to successfully foster recycling habits among those between the ages of 7 and 27, this will guarantee that when they are our age there will be no more need for such initiatives” said Neno Dimov, Minister of Environment, at the opening ceremony.

Denitsa Sacheva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, said that this ground-breaking center for Sofia is a wonderful place where children can become superheroes. According to her, Ecopack has practically become the corporate leader when it comes to environmental education.

“Children are our ambassadors for implementing green policies in our city. At this center, they will learn in the best way possible what a valuable resource waste can be” stressed Mayor Yordanka Fandukova. She also announced that the system for separate waste collection in the capital would be further expanded.

Tendival – New Generation Ozone Therapy

20 August 2018, Sofia

We built the positioning platform for launching Tendival emulgel on its major functional benefits – regenerating the damaged tissue while easing pain through innovative ozone therapy formula. The TVC created by DeConi, commissioned by Salvis Pharma, clearly and convincing communicates exactly that and reinforces efficiency, reliability, innovation and natural origin as core brand values.

First Ecopack Sustainability Report

16 April 2018, Sofia

Designed and edited by DeConi, the report presents the achievements of the company in 2017. The recycled 96,209 t of packaging waste collected throughout the year saved from felling 594,406 trees, saved 1,453,095 l of water, 311,166,237 kWh of electric power, 148,669 barrels of petrol, and 384,922 m3 of the landfill volume in Bulgaria.

It also highlights Ecopack’s achievements in motivating and provoking active commitment and responsible attitude to environmental protection and the saving of natural resources among its core target groups – consumers, especially young people and children, partners in the value chain and local government authorities.

Chariot e-bus Launch on the Italian Market

6 March 2018, La Specia, Italy

After Sofia, Graz and Belgrade, La Specia in Italy made Chariot e-bus of Chariot Motors, the Israeli-Bulgarian company, part of its public transportation system. Air pollution caused by car traffic is a major urban problem. The unique technology behind the Chariot e-bus – electricity generated by ultra capacitors, not by batteries, makes it a sustainable solution to this problem and gives it a number of advantages – more space for passengers, no toxic substances, faster charging and better energy efficiency.

The new design, created especially for the Italian market, catches the attentions of passers by and directly communicates the USP of Chariot e-bus – zero emissions,100% electric, no batteries.

Fantastico and Ecopack Together for Nature

9 February 2018, Sofia

In March Fantastico and Ecopack launched the Together for Nature campaign. It is centered around a video, to be broadcast by the end of 2018 in the in-store video channel of all more than 40 Fantastico stores. The campaign reinforces the understanding that the protection of the environment is our own, not somebody else’s, responsibility.

The video follows the path of the packaging from the store to our home and explores the three options we have to get rid of it. The first one is to throw it somewhere and thus “feed” nature and endanger wild life, the second – to dispose of it in the general waste bins so it decomposes in the landfill for centuries, and the third one – recycle it, thus bring it back to life while keeping the environment clean.

One Year Together for the Benefit of Society and Nature

18 December 2017, Sofia

Together for the Benefit of Society and Nature is a three-year project implemented in cooperation with members of Ecopack Bulgaria – leaders in the area of fast-moving consumer goods, modern retail, and some of the largest plants in Bulgaria. Thanks to the combined communication resources of dozens of companies, the messages in support of a greener way of life, protection of the environment, and separate collection of packaging waste are reaching large and diverse target groups in all parts of the country.

For society, the tangible effect of this far-reaching joint endeavor is a higher proportion of separately collected and recycled packaging waste, for the participating companies – it reinforces their image of responsible “corporate citizens” with firm commitments to the environment, and for Ecopack – an even more effective realization of the company mission to recover with utmost care for society and nature.

In 2017, 31 of the members of Ecopack were involved in the campaign.

Social Media Campaign against Corruption

6 November 2017, Sofia

The social media campaign, developed by DeConi for the Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI), an anti-corruption and good governance coalition involving partners from nine countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey), aimed to present both to the general public and the policy makers key anti-corruption issues, trends and policy recommendations for Southeast Europe, based mainly on SELDI’s Corruption Monitoring System and the SELDI Regional Anti-corruption Report 2016.


3D Ecobus as Viable Sustainable Innovation and Public Participation Tool

18 November 2016, Sofia

The 3D Ecobus created by DeConi for Ecopack Bulgaria was presented as a practical example of sustainable innovation with substantial transformative potential through public engagement at a conference hosted by the the Committee of the Regions of the EU in Brussels on 16-17 November, 2016.

The conference Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation brought together a broad range of experts, stakeholders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, regional authorities and EU Commission officials. It focused on the best sustainable innovation and public engagement practices as tools for effectively promoting sustainable development and change across Europe.

Make Me Recycle

3 October 2016, Sofia

 In this article published in Manager, the most influential business magazine in Bulgaria, Emil Georgiev of DeConi analyzes the different approaches used by marketers for motivating households to separately collect their waste.

The household-generated waste is crucial for the circular economy stream of resources and this is why it is so important everything recyclable to be channeled to the color containers and back to the production lines instead of to the ever growing landfills.

Four major groups of approaches are reviewed – socio-cultural, economic, technical and administrative. Internationally recognized campaigns of DeConi and other European and Canadian agencies are given as examples.

The success of any campaign aiming at sustainable attitudinal and behavioral change depends entirely on the good understanding of what might motivate the target groups and the right choice of priorities when approaching them.

Make Me Recycle, Manager magazine, Sofia, September 2016


Trash and the City

29 September 2016, Sofia

The Trash and the City installation was developed by DeConi especially for the Seventh Green Forum of Manager magazine, Green Cities of Bulgaria: ideas, people and businesses leading to them.

The installation presents major landmarks in the history of recycling from the first known landfill, discovered on Knossos, the island of Crete,  and dated 3 000 BC until the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package of 2015. A build in video installation plays short films about the major steps in the process of turning plastic, paper and glass waste packaging into new products.